MailMergeDataSource Element (Microsoft Word)

Specifies whether a mail merge document has a designated data source and the location of the data source.

Attribute Description
HRef Specifies the path to the mail merge data source file.

Contained In



If <w:MailMergeDataSource/> is specified, the mail merge document has a data source associated with it.

See Also

MailMergeActiveRecord, MailMergeAddressFieldName, MailMergeAsAttachment, MailMergeCheckErrors, MailMergeConnectString, MailMergeDataType, MailMergeDestination, MailMergeDoNotSuppressBlankLines, MailMergeHeaderSource, MailMergeLinkToQuery, MailMergeMailSubject, MailMergeMainDocType, MailMergeQueryString, MailMergeViewMergedData


See the example in the MailMergeAddressFieldName element topic.