Master Documents

In Microsoft Word, a master document contains hyperlinks to its subdocuments. In a Word HTML file, this behavior is similarly displayed in the browser.

When saving as HTML, Word stores each subdocument hyperlink in the master document file. Word differentiates the subdocument hyperlinks from the master document data by means of Div elements, which are similar to those used for section breaks. Master documents might contain text of their own, which is also contained in Div elements. The syntax of these Div elements follows, where n is an integer representing each successive subdocument or part of the master document text.

<div class=Sectionn>

Word uses the A element with the href attribute to link the master document to its subdocuments. Word always exports the href path as a relative link and uses the target="_BLANK" attribute-value pair to make the subdocument open in a separate window. The hyperlink text is the absolute path to the subdocument, and Word places it in a Span element contained in the A element.

If the Expand Subdocuments button is selected, Word displays the full text of each subdocument within the master document, instead of a hyperlink to the subdocument. If Expand Subdocuments is selected when saving as HTML, Word stores each subdocument and its data in one master document file. Word stores each subdocument's data in the master document using Div elements as described above.