Frames and Drop Caps

Word allows the creation of floating frames in Web documents, even though there are currently no HTML elements to support this functionality. Drop caps use the Word frame feature with few special settings. Word stores the frame or drop cap settings in the HTML file using styles and emulates the appearance of the frame or drop cap in the browser using HTML tables.


When saving as HTML, Word inserts the contents of the frame into a single-cell Table element for appropriate browser display. This Table element is contained in a Div element that stores most of the frame settings.

In order to associate the frame with its anchor paragraph, the frame's Table element appears directly before the anchor paragraph's P element. 

When the frame does not allow text to wrap around it , Word inserts <br clear=ALL> after the Div element. This is necessary to turn off text wrapping in the browser display.

Word uses the following styles to save frame settings to HTML: 

Where appropriate, Word uses the padding-right, padding-left, padding-top, and padding-bottom attributes in the TD element to display a frame's horizontal or vertical distance from text in the browser.

To display the height and width of the frame in the browser, Word uses the height and width attributes of the Table element. If the height or width of the frame is set to Auto, the corresponding height or width attribute is not used.

The frame's vertical Move with text setting is not saved to HTML. If the vertical position of the frame is set relative to paragraph, Word automatically assumes that the frame should move with the text.

In Word it is possible to create a paragraph style that stores frame settings. Word saves this type of style using its standard approach for saving styles. For more information about how Office saves styles to HTML, see the Styles topic.

Drop Caps

A Word drop cap is one or more characters at the beginning of a paragraph that are larger than the surrounding text and possess special formatting characteristics. Word uses the frames feature to implement this functionality, saves drop caps to HTML in the same way it saves frames to HTML. Word uses standard HTML paragraph and character formatting rules to display the text formatting in the browser.

Drop cap settings are saved to HTML using the frame styles described above. Word uses the following styles to save drop cap settings to HTML:

 For information about the style attributes that Office uses and their possible values, see the Style Attributes topic.